Despite the current situation, we are keeping in contact with the Radlett Centre to organise a new date for our Annual Show 2020, so it is really important to keep practising!

Here are 5 tips to help you remember and practise choreography efficiently:

1. Check out your class dropbox

We have sent out links to a handy dropbox of show videos and music to help you keep practising at home. These resources are there to help you recall the choreography in your own time. You might find it useful to watch the videos and listen to the music a couple of times before practising to help jog your memory. If you would like us to send this information to you again, then please let us know.

2. Video call a friend from your class

Video chats are a great way to still practise with others during isolation (or at any time!) You can use this time together to ask questions and help each other with any parts that you might have forgotten or find difficult.

3. Break it down

If you are struggling to remember it all, try separating the dance into sections. Your sections may be determined by a change in the music (e.g. a song change, or verse into the chorus) or perhaps a dance style change (e.g. slow movement into a faster phrase). Go over each section slowly until you feel confident with each one, then start to piece them back together. Make sure to blend all of the sections back together seamlessly.

4. Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat

Repetition is key. By repeating the choreography over and over again, your brain will eventually know what move to do and when to do it automatically. This is also known as “muscle memory”, which is a great brain power saver especially if you have more than one dance to remember.

5. Give it some energy!

Try not to mark the choreography so that your body and brain remember the ‘full out’ movement (but only as long as it is safe and possible to do so in the space you have available!) And finally…don’t forget to perform!

Happy practising everyone!