The studio may be temporarily closed for the moment, but at Aviv it is really important to us that our students keep dancing during this time.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should keep dancing and how our Aviv Dance Live online classes can benefit you.

1. Stay fit, flexible and strong

It’s vital to keep up with the physical aspects of dance. If you do not take part in any physical activity during this period, you may find that your strength, stamina and flexibility levels decrease. The majority of our classes, especially Street Dance, include an extensive technical warm up with stamina and strength building exercises to help maintain high standards of physicality. Without this, you will definitely feel the difference when we are back in the studio!

2. Dance benefits you mentally as well as physically

There is growing evidence that dance has a positive effect on mental health and can make people feel happier after just a short amount of time. If you are feeling down, stressed or just bored, taking part in an online dance class is the perfect mood booster and a great emotional release to relieve any anxieties or tension.

3. Stay productive!

During these times of uncertainty, it is easy to become unproductive. Booking onto a class gives you something to look forward to and boost your motivation to get up and moving. Booking multiple classes each week encourages a bit of structure to each day and helps to bring a sense of normality.

4. Learn a new dance style!

This is a great time to expand your dance genres. As long as you book the classes appropriate to your colour group, we encourage everyone to try out the different styles available. We are running online classes in Street Dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Hip-Hop so why not try a new style whilst you have the time!

5. Dance is fun!

You come to Aviv Dance Studios because you love to dance, and that shouldn’t change during lockdown. Remember…happiness isn’t cancelled.

It is also important to remember that this won’t last forever. By continuing to dance now you are reducing your chance of injury when we do return to the studio, whilst also helping your body and mind through this unusual time.

Stay active, stay healthy and stay safe at home.

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